Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Tribute To Women, My Examples Part II

Listen:  "As Sisters in Zion"
Thanks for the memorable examples you, my friends and sisters, have set for me.  Most of you have been totally unconscious of it, I know, but they have made a lasting impression on me.  I have been changed for the better.

Evelyn Howell, Kristy Steele, and Shelly Tyler have shown me an example of self-worth, a steadfastness in who they are.  They know how to be themselves without apology.  I admire that quality.

Jill Campbell and Kristin Ipson
These twin sisters have shown me how to communicate consistently.  If we went out to lunch, they would text afterwards and thank me again.  Throughout our friendship they have consistently stayed in touch with me.

Another quality I admire in Jill is that she prepares dinner for her family consistently.  I saw this and knew I wanted to give greater priority to doing it for my family.

Ruth Packard, Michelle (Packard) Edwards, Shauna (Packard) Knolden, Sharon (Packard) Langston, and Cindy (Packard) Brown
These women have shown me how “to always be at the crossroads when [their] children are either coming or going” (President Ezra T.Benson:  “To the Mothers in Zion”) when they could be out doing a million other things.  These women are the epitome of what it is to be a mother.  Ruth Packard took me into her home when I was 16 and mothered me for a year until I went back to live with my mom.  My mom had booted me out because I hadn't yet learned to control my X-Ray Vision which flowed out too freely upon my sharp tongue.  My poor mom!  Thanks for taking it from me and still loving me!

Melody Savage
Melody, my sister, demonstrated that living right was more than just something your parents made you do.  It came from her heart.  She was my North Star when I was growing up during a time when I was trying to figure out what the heck was important enough to be good for.

Joan of Arc has been another North Star for me.  Click here for a recounting of her story that sums up why her example resounds in my heart forever!

Stacey Fiala has been an example of how to lead women.  She brings out the best in the women she leads.  She motivates, inspires, delegates, and empowers them.  She stands up in RS and you can just tell it's not about her.  It's about those she serves.  She is utterly genuine.

Erin McNeil has demonstrated how to love men as brothers.  Her relationship with her own brothers as well as the men around her is so incredibly balanced, appropriate, healthy. She sees the beauty in them.  She is a gift to them.

I have also seen Erin exemplify probably THE most powerful teaching method there is on earth:  Story Telling.  She could keep a room of primary kids captivated for hours.  I could listen to her all day!

Sue Smith has a love of being out in nature.  She is an avid hiker and with her husband has hiked several 14ers.  She reminds me that there are plenty of adventures to be had in our own Colorado backyard.

Ann Janae Toloczko and Julie Rotte are two women who emulate the virtue of Tenderness when it seems to be going out of style.

When Camhi Lane sees another woman who has accomplished her goals, she applauds.   Even if they are like the very goals that she has not yet accomplished, she applauds.  She looks to them to learn more and applies it to her own goal achievement process.  She chooses Admiration instead of Envy.
Top: Jane Austen, Left: Georgette Heyer, Right: Amy Grant
 Amy Grant (singer, song writer), Jane Austen (author), and Georgette Heyer (author) are some of my favorite women.  I only know them through their work.  I've been singing Amy Grant songs in the kitchen, shower, and car (as my children can testify) for over 20 years.  I love her focus on Christ and our relationship with him.  My grandma gave me my first Jane Austen book when I was a freshman in college (Pride and Prejudice).  I've read all of her books since then.  She has X-Ray vision.  That's why she makes me laugh so much.  Georgette Heyer is another writer of Regency Romance.  She knows how to sketch a hero--THAT IS FOR SURE!  Check out The Nonesuch and Frederica.  

My Sister, Melody, gave me this song:  Listen:  "For Good"
These and other women who have let their light shine through their talents have given me strength to do the same.  I have been changed for good.  Thank you.