Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Tribute To Women, My Sisters Part I

The following list of women at one point or another have been my friends, comforted me when I was down, stuck up for me, defended me, empathized with me, taken care of me, withheld their judgment from me, served me, helped me clean or fix my house, made me laugh, or apologized to me.

With some I have had extended periods of working out life’s problems together, studying how we could be better.  With some I have gone on long walks, long talks.  Others have gone through some of the same trials I have so we have bonded through our sorrows.  Some have consistently called me, texted me, emailed me to keep in touch with me.  Some have shown me how to love a sister without any awkwardness between us.  Two have teamed up with me to work on a long-term project with me whose name is White One!  Some I played with when I was a little girl.
Amy Grant
Ann Janee Toloczko
Becca Frame Brown
Beth Nahinu (mom)
Camhi Lane
Carly Garza
Carolyn Thompson
Carrie Madsen
Cherie Gano Chronis
Connie Barton
Connie Hall
Crystal Cawley
Crystal Rundback
Denise Rone
Devony Wison
Diane Kolman
Dianne Noda
Dixie Allred
Dori Shaner
Elma Palla (grandma)
Emelia Nahinu (sister)
Erika Wiley
Erin McNeil
Evelyn Howel
Georgette Heyer
Gina Tveten
Grace Johnson
Harlene Beckstrand
Heidi Crowley
Heidi White Denney
Jane Austen
Jenny Drysdale Williams
Jenny Langford
Jill Campbell
Joan of Arc
Joni Howard
Julie Rotte
Julie McLean
June Hunter
Kara Edwards
Karen Pagano Halliday
Katie Scardemi
Katie Toloczko
Kelly Hansen
Karry Lontine
Kristen Ivory
Kristin Alldredge
Kristin Ipson
Kristine Jenkins
Kristy Steele
Laura Henry
Laura Langford
Laura Sanchez
Lavon Berg
Leslie Anderson
Lindsey Newman
Lisa Rinus
Lori Bartlett
Lyn Johnson
Maria (?)
Marilyn Shuck
Meggin Bennabhaktula
Melody Savage (sister)
Michelle Packard Edwards
Nicol Price
Onalee Wood
Rachael Dahl
Regina O’Neil
Rene Hansen
Robin Gibby
Rozanne Thomas
Ruth Packard
Sabrina Langford
Sally Engen
Sharilee Roper 
Shauna Packard Knolden
Shauna Warnick
Shelly Tyler
Sherrie Newman
Silvia Quinonez
Stacey Fiala
Stacy Wells
Stephanie Bender
Stephanie Rister Donahue
Sue Braun from San Jose
Sue Braun from Aurora
Sue Jolley
Sue Smith
Susie Shaver
Tami Farnsworth
Tatiana Carvajal
Theresa Gridley
Tina Hamilton
Toni Ordonez
Tonya Shippy
Tonia Lee
Viengxay Mickelberry

Thank you.

(Please forgive me if I have not listed you.  I keep scrolling through my life to remember everyone.)