Monday, April 28, 2014

Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest is the default way for the animal kingdom to obtain their Desires.  In order for us to avoid being animal-like ourselves in our thoughts and actions we need to stand up against that default current inside of ourselves.  In fact, our duty is to obtain our Desires and resolve our Conflicts in the opposite way.  We assist those who are weaker to survive while TRUSTING in a General Cause’s promise:  when we commit to this Process, he makes sure we are also assisted.
"Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth." (Matt 6:1-4)
When we do sacrifice our own immediate needs for others, we don’t wait there with our hand out expectantly.  We focus on what our Cause has already provided for us in the past, both Generally and Specifically.  We have faith, according to the accumulation of past experiences we have had with him, that he will also provide in the future.  Not having all that we need and want right now enables us to increase our faith.  It is a Strengthening Process.  We trust that our General Cause knows our Threshold. 

We go through these Strengthening Processes because they are the very Process to obtain our Desire—the Desire we’ve been asking our Cause to help us obtain over which we do not have direct control.

We all have Desires.  Sometimes we wish we had a Genie in a Lamp who could just say the magic word and BOOM—Desire Obtained.  But most of us would never be satisfied with that because we know that a crucial part of satisfaction comes from the sacrifices we must make in order to win the prize. 

The reality of the situation is if we have a Desire, we need to identify the inherent pathway to obtain it.

"There is a law irrevocably decreed..."D&C 130:20-21
So what is a Desire’s inherent pathway?  Let’s say the Desire we have is to improve or regain the health in a Specific relationship.  The other member of that relationship, then, becomes our Desire, our destination.  In order to obtain or regain that desired relationship with this person, we need to identify two General variables:

1. That person’s Specific Desires
2. Our General Cause’s Desire

If we haven’t yet chosen a Cause (other than the other member of this relationship) and developed a relationship with him, that would be our first step.  If this other person has not been willing or able for whatever reason to fulfill her inherent role in the relationship, it is important to heal and strengthen with our General Cause as our A-1 Priority!

Each person has a code.  This code is made up of an individual's Desires.  It is the road map to her soul.  It is the set of directions that guide us to winning his heart.  What does she want in a man?  What does he need in a mother?  What does she hope for in this relationship?  What does he want in a wife?  What makes her happy, specifically?  What makes him happy?  When she needs energy and excitement in her life, what satisfies that Desire?  When he needs peace and comfort, what can we Specifically do for him?  When she is angry, what needs to be done to calm that inflammation before true healing can occur?  When he is depressed, what does he need to understand about himself first before he regains the Desire to voluntarily sacrifice?

Our General Cause also has a code.  If we just gave the other person in our relationship everything she wanted, that most likely would not end in Sustainable Results.  What the other person thinks she Specifically wants or needs may not be in alignment with what she Generally wants and needs.  So we temper the fulfillment of that person’s Desires with the fulfillment of our Cause’s Desires.  He will both coach us in the Specific things we can say and do for her as well as the things we need to withhold from saying and doing.  He instructs us in the Balance of giving so we don’t give gifts that are too much or too little.  If we overdo it here, we may suffocate her, which causes her to think we have hidden Survival motives.  If we underdo it, we may be starving her and this leaves her susceptible to turning to Conflicting Causes.

Listen:  "Middle of Your Heart" by For King and Country
So in essence, we obtain a Desire in a relationship by taking upon us the Cause role.  We are the one who sacrifices first.  We give up our expectations and demands.  We turn to our General Cause for our Specific Desires.  If our Desire truly is to obtain a Sustainable relationship with this person, then her Specific Desires must become our main Desires.  This is the only way to reduce inflammation AND increase attraction in a relationship.

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But here is the # 1 Fear:  Will that person take advantage of me when I do this?  Will they step all over me like a rug?  Will they respond to me like a parasite does its host? Will they choose to take on the freeloader role in our relationship? This is a terrible risk.  Our life is on the line.

No one wants to be taken advantage of like that.  Yet we are all willing to do it WITH THE END GOAL to establish Sustainability in relationships.  The hope is that the other member will not take “our name” in vain.  They will realize what’s going on and work to strengthen their own ability to sacrifice.

The key is for us to rely on our General Cause while this is going on.  He will not only govern us in how to regulate what we do, say, and give but also will evaluate the other member’s response Process.  He is not going to make us endure in a parasitic relationship forever.  That is hell—bondage—and it is not expected of us.  There will come a time when either the relationship will heal or improve or our General Cause will say, “It is finished.  He knows when that is, while we may have a biased opinion.  That’s why it’s important when engaging in this sacrifice Process to give our will up to him.  We say we are willing to sacrifice all that he requires of us for as long as HE requires it of us even if it hurts.  We trust him.  He provides HIS PEACE for us while we are on this journey.  He’s not going to make us run faster or slower than we have strength.  Yet he expects us to work within our Thresholds.

Distance and Role Reversal
When he says, “It is finished,” it doesn’t mean that’s the end of all interactions with this person.  It means we’ve got to establish a new relationship with her.  It usually includes the variables of Distance and Role Reversal.  Maybe the source of the Conflict is that we’re too close.  A degree of separation where our interactions are not so frequent may resolve the Conflict permanently.  Yet, if the relationship has previously been close, the only way to maintain love without being sucked into the chains of Enmity is to engage in Role Reversal.

I've spoken of Role Reversal before but have not put this name on it.  Sometimes the “It is finished”  means the end of certain roles we have played in a relationship and the beginning of swapped roles.  The solution may very well be to flip the predominant roles of Cause and Child. This can only be done with a General Cause as the third member of the relationship.

Going the extra mile.
For example, if we have a parent who is more in need of our sacrifice for him or her continuously, then if we have consciousness, choice, and Desire we can flip these roles.  If this other person wants us to sacrifice more often and more intensely for him/her while not being able to return it at a similar or higher rate, then we will oblige them ("And whoseover shall compel thee to go a mile..." Matt 5:41) .  Instead of resorting to hatred and a feudal separation, we have this alternative.

Listen and Watch (swap that role!)
When we force someone, anyone, even those that should stand in a certain role for us, to sacrifice for us, Conflict arises.  Love can only flow when sacrifice is voluntary.  Yet we cannot deny that those who act as parasites in relationships for extended periods of time (especially those who take advantage of little Children) will be forced to Generally sacrifice in the end.  Not by us but by the Causes of Justice which basically leave them to themselves in that default Survival of the Fittest, parasitic world.  As they have taken advantage of the weak, they will also be taken advantage of in turn.

To understand this resolution Process, the bottom line is that in any given relationship, there is someone who resides in the Cause role and someone who resides in the Child role ("Beware of Pride"; "He shall turn the heart of the fathers to their children..." Malachi 4:5-6).  It is the way that it is.  There are certain relationships where these roles need to be Balanced in order to function as they were intended.  When Balance is achieved, a single Sustainable relationship is formed in all its splendor and amazing Joy!
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