Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Comparisons are Odious

Listen:  "The Olive Tree" Jenny Jordan Frogley
Sometimes as women we see another woman’s talent and think less of ourselves because we don’t have that particular talent.  And probably more rarely we recognize that we have talents other don’t have and think more of ourselves.   

These two perspectives prevent us from experiencing the joy of being friends and sisters.  And they prevent us from growing by having a friend and a sister teach us her talents.  

Those kinds of “comparisons are odious.”  I read this quote in a book when I was a teenager and I’ve never forgotten it.  Odious means offensive, hateful.  There’s just no reason to envy each other.  It’s like a rose envying a daisy or vice versa.  Both are beautiful.  Both have a purpose, individual and unique.  Yet both share a common heritage.

Listen:  "Give the Gift" Jenny Jordan Frogley
Recognizing another woman's beauty does not mean that we are less beautiful in comparison.  Quite the reverse.  If we recognize the beauty in others it testifies of our own inner beauty.   After all isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder?

When we allow another woman to share her talents with us we both bless her with the opportunity to use them and gain new talents of our own.  If we want to experience joy we need to both receive from and give to others.  When we receive we experience peace, strength, comfort, love.  When we share, give, serve, sacrifice for others we experience a flow of energy, motivation, excitement, exhilaration, empathy.  These two feelings--peace and energy--together create the experience of joy.

That’s why I am so thankful for all the women and young women in my life who have allowed me to serve them.  They have actually listened to what I have to say and have applied it to their lives!  They have actively participated in the classes I have taught.  They have let me take them a meal and fully enjoyed eating it.  They have let me clean their house and appreciated it.  They have received gifts that I have given them with gratitude.  They have let me teach them aerobic fitness and nutrition.  They have let me help them with a conflict they were struggling with and it actually did help them! (Read:  John: 14:15

Becca Frame Brown
Beth Nahinu
Camhi Lane
Crystal Rundback
Dixie Allred
Emelia Nahinu
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Grace Johnson
Heidi Crowley
Heidi Denney
Jill Campbell
Joni Howard
Kara Edwards
Katie Toloczko
Katie McCullough
Kristin Alldredge
Kristin Ipson
Kristine Jenkins
Laura Langford
Lindsey Newman
Lori Bartlett
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Silvia Quinonez
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